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Planning The Perfect Bathroom 

As a company, we offer a wide range of insight into renovating your bathroom. Our free quotation will offer advice on how to achieve your perfect bathroom.


This advise will range from finding the best products to suit your current hot water system, also guidance on any effect to your drainage system. We can also advise on different types of flooring and tiling. If you're looking to change the layout of your bathroom, or make it bigger we can supply CAD designs and floorplans to show the new layout.


With exceeding amounts of technology, being developed for the use in bathrooms, we also survey your current electrical installation to see if it meets current standards.





Disabled Adaptations

Unfortunately, within our lives, mobility issues can affect our daily lifestyles at any stage. This includes daily tasks such as not being able to use a regular bathroom without aid. That is why Adore Your Bathroom specialises in disabled adaptations, creating the perfect bathroom to cater for your specific needs.  

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